Intersnack Schweiz AG

Our corporate culture

Our business vision, our core functions and our values determine our strategy and the way we work together. Our values include ethical business principles and policies that guide our daily work activities and our interactions with our business partners.

We're passionate about enriching people's daily lives with a wide selection of the best savoury snacks.



Our strength lies in combining local expertise with the skills of an international organization.

We create value with our products, innovations and unique brands. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

As a privately owned company, we are able to take action based on our beliefs with a long-term view and manage our company in accordance with our vision.

We are fully committed to a more sustainable world.



We think


Everything starts with thinking responsibly.

Reliability and proper risk management are crucial to our success.

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards throughout our entire business and supply chain.

We always take account of the impacts of our actions on all our stakeholders and the environment.

We act


We enjoy acting entrepreneurially.

We build on trust, transparency and integrity.

We constantly challenge ourselves in order to continuously improve our skills and performance.

We empower our employees to make decisions on their own initiative.

We grow


We value our employees and the potential that lies in their diversity.

We are convinced that multifunctional teamwork is essential for our joint success.

A motivating work environment and transparent communication help us to develop.

We share and celebrate our successes together.